Why Choose Us?

With 20 years experience in e-waste recycling

PC Collect is the ideal choice to deal with your old computer equipment.

  • EXPERIENCE:  PC Collect has recycled thousands of PC’s & servers
  • SECURE & Safe: data erasing methods using DOD standards for data destruction
  • FREE pickup & recycling: always free, no hidden costs
  • EASY: our friendly staff take the hassle out of computer recycling
  • CONVENIENT: after hours & weekends collections available
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly: PC Collect has a zero landfill policy
  • DE-CLUTTER your office: let PC Collect free up valuable space in your office by removing old computers
PC Collect is a computer recycling service that is FREE and SECURE.

We have 20 years experience in environmentally sustainable recycling & e-waste solutions.

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Email:  info@pccollect.com.au

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PC Collect
P.O. Box 831
Gladesville NSW 1675

Phone:  0421 081 486