Why recycle?

De-Clutter Your Office

The first, and most immediate effect of disposing of old computer equipment, is your office will fresher, more spacious, and a more enjoyable place to work.

Let us help you say NO to landfill

Globally we’ll produce more than 50 million tones of e-waste this year alone, 700,000 tonnes of which is generated in Australia. Much of this waste is considered hazardous, because of the toxic materials used to create complex electronics.

Rather than dump these in landfill, many of the materials, including the hard to dispose of metals, can be recovered for future use. This not only protects the environment by decreasing the amount of hazardous waste, but reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the manufacturing of new products.

If the question is ‘why recycle?’ our answer would always be ‘why not?’

An average computer has over a hundred toxins in it. These include highly toxic substances such as lead & cadmium, so what happens to the computer/electrical waste when it’s time for disposal?

Let us give you some examples…

Cathode ray tubes (used in TVs, computer monitors etc) contain lead, barium and other heavy metals that leach into the ground water and release toxic phosphor
Chips and gold plated components have to be chemically stripped. This results in heavy metals & toxic substances being discharged directly into rivers acidifying fish and flora, while tin and lead contaminate surface and groundwater.
Computer wires, if openly burned, release hydrocarbon ashes into air, water and soil.
Dumping items such as these in landfill increases the risk of toxins seeping into the soil and the water table, resulting ultimately in an environmental hazard for us all.

PC Collect is a computer recycling service that is FREE and SECURE.

We have 20 years experience in environmentally sustainable recycling & e-waste solutions.

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